Super Ambassadors

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Liam Miller & Isabel Bown-Gainfort



School Council

Elin Foss

Hi I’m Elin and I’m the School Council Chairperson and I attend meetings, help Ms John and the staff around the School and I arrange events for the school with the other school council members. Throughout the year I would like to make the school a better place for all children and staff.

Grace Managhan
Vice Chairperson

Hello, I am Grace, and I am the School Vice Chairperson. I help Elin with her responsibility. I try my best to help and consider not only mine, but other peoples suggestions in meetings. I would like to arrange fun activities for the school, along with other school council people. I would like to make this school a better place for staff and children, and make sure new children or staff feel welcome.


Thisbe Weaver

Hi, I’m Thisbe and I am the Head Secretary of Hook School, I attend School Council Meetings and take notes on the ideas that the members of the School Council think of. I try my best to write down all the suggestions that are made in the different meetings, when the meeting is closed I take all the ideas to Ms John, she decides what suggestions would be better for the school.




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Class Councillors Dosbarth Ser y Mor – Years 5 & 6
Aoife Taylor and William Harries

Hi, I’m William I am a school council I take the class views in to meetings.
Hi I’m Aoife and I am a school council I will take the classes ideas and opinions into school council meetings.

Class Councillors Dosbarth Morlo – Years 3 & 4

Class Councillors Dosbarth Dwrgi – Years 1 & 2

Class Councillors Dosbarth Dolffin – Years Nursery and Reception