Hook School Teams

All Pupils have an opportunity to have a school responsibility.

The roles are as follows…

WellBeing Ambassador- A wellbeing ambassador  help children with their problems and will solve it with another child’s  point of view, helping other children to speak out and stay safe during the school day.

School and Class Council – Giving pupils a voice to improve our school focusing on the views and voice of the children.  we have pupil voice group every Thursday, with headteacher Ms John and Super ambassador’s Esme and Mari talking about problems in the school, the council and all around the uk.

The Green Team – An Eco Schools Club striving for a greener, safer school. looking after our school garden and looking after our wellbeing by letting children play in the muddy kitchen

The Criw Cymraeg – Making Welsh exciting and reinforcing the language in school.

Playground Buddies – The friendliest and most helpful members of our school.

The Digital Champions – Pioneering the latest technology with up to date ICT equipment.

Bike It Officers – Encourage all children to use their bikes and scooters to travel to and from school.

Super ambassadors and Learning ambassadors, Lambs – The head girl and head boy at Hook School.

School Librarians – Encourage all children to read anything and everything, by using the Mobile Library System, MLS daily. They are also Reading Buddies and enjoy reading stories to amd with others.

Sports Ambassadors – At Hook School we have two house teams, Cleddau (blue) and Landsker (red). Each house team has a sports captain and vice captain, who help to help to engage all children in different physical activities at break times, during after school sports clubs and inter school sports competitions and festivals.